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    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/13454/slideshows/homeFullXL/94htsgwagy_shutterstock_519499108-683x1024.jpg Stations of the Cross, Adoration, Praise & Worship Every Friday of Lent: @St. Joseph: Adoration 1-4 pm, Holy Hour 4 pm, Praise & Worship 5 pm, Stations of the Cross 5:30 pm (English) & 6:30 pm (Spanish) @St. Francis Xavier: Adoration 9-3 pm, Holy Hour 3 pm, Stations of the Cross 4 pm
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/13454/slideshows/homeFullXL/St_Joseph_weddings_03.jpg SIGN UP AHEAD TO ATTEND MASS By calling 541-673-5157 or through Flocknote! Regular weekend Masses are: SATURDAYS 5:30 pm (Vigil) & SUNDAYS 7:30 am (Not necessary to sign up ahead for 7:30), 9 am & 12:30 pm (Spanish, Not necessary to sign up ahead for 12:30) at St. Joseph, & SUNDAYS 10:30 am at St. Francis Xavier. To attend Mass, please contact the Parish Center to pre-register, 541-673-5157, Monday-Thursday, 10 am - 4 pm. Daily Mass is Monday-Friday at 12:10 (Not necessary to sign up for Daily Mass) https://www.facebook.com/sjfxcatholic _blank
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/13454/slideshows/homeFullXL/snowflakes%20on%20snow.jpg WINTER WINE & BREW FEST AUCTION THANK YOU to All Who Participated or Donated to our Virtual Event! https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/13454/documents/2021/2/Thank%20You%20WWBF.pdf _blank